Collaboration with “The Weavers of the Sierra de Zongolica”

The project of collaboration with the Weavers and embroiderers of Tlaquipa, Atlahuilco and Tequila, villages of the Sierra de Zongolica, in Veracruz, began in 2010 as part of the research work of Belinda Contreras Jaimes, a graduate of the Master in tropical ecology at the Universidad Veracruzana, and Miguel Ángel Sosme Campos, a graduate of the University’s social anthropology degree.

Both students have written their thesis on weavers, textile process, Natural Resources and implicit gender relationships of size weaving. The book “Tejedoras de Esperanza. Empowerment en los grupos artesanales de la Sierra de Zongolica “, written by Miguel Ángel, was the result of this Work. This work was rewarded in Mexico by the National Institute of Women and the National Institute of Anthropology.

Subsequently, collaborative projects strengthened with the project “community forest management and preservation in central Mexico: building linkages, networks and competencies”, coordinated by Erd. Citlalli López Binnqüist, An important academician who works in the field of folk art. From that moment on, Dr. Citlalli, Belinda and Miguel have promoted initiatives aimed at revitalizing traditional knowledge, especially textiles. These efforts were the origin of the Book of Children’s Tales “textiles of the Tlasesekya”, written by children of the region and distributed free with the purpose of waking up in the indigenous children of the region, love and taste for textile art.

These actions have been reinforced by the development of spaces for the promotion and sale of textiles, bringing the art of the region to various universities and cultural forums in mexico, among which one can count the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico , the annual Textiles Festival and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

At the moment, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the government of mexico, the team composed by Dre. Citlalli, Belinda and Miguel, is working on the production of a short film whose purpose is to approach the textile art of the Sierra to larger Sectors. In the same way, management programs to commercialize artisanal production at fair prices are being made, both inside and outside the country, and an exhibition of the work of Embroiderers of Zongolica will take place at the Museum Anthropology of Xalapa, Veracruz.

Written By: Miguel Angel Sosme Campos

Translated by: Adrian Enciso V.

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