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Gastronomy of the Independence of Mexico. RAIZS

Who says September, says welcome autumn and also welcome the famous dishes of Mexican gastronomy, which although they can be tasted all year round, on these dates eating them reminds us of the struggle of our people to be free.

Join me to know the main Mexican dishes that are present in almost all Mexican parties. I tell you everything on the blog.

We start with the so-called “golden tacos”, which are mainly tacos (with corn tortilla) filled with chicken, cheese or whatever you prefer, browned in oil and accompanied by cream, onion, lettuce and cheese (I’m already starting to drool).


As a second course, we have the king dish of this national month: “el pozole”. This soup prepared with ancho chili and guajillo, also contains garlic, onion and other spices, it is prepared with a variety of corn known as “hominy corn” or “cacahuazintle”. There are different varieties of pozole: red and white, and in turn it can have chicken, pork or both; plus a vegetarian version is already cooking.

Next we have the delicious “tamales” that are made with a pasta made with corn and that is filled with … whatever the imagination of each one wants. There are sweets: filled with fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, corn, even nutella; and salty: stuffed with beans, black mole, chicken in green sauce, pork, etc.

Now it’s time to talk about the “tacos al pastor”. These tacos, which are very popular in central Mexico, but are known in every corner of the country, are made up of a corn tortilla, which has pork meat previously prepared with a mixture of spices, orange juice, onion inside. , garlic, achiote (a paste made with chili peppers, spices like cumin and origan). When the meat is ready, it is put in a “top” where it is cooked and the meat is cut into thin layers to prepare the taco that leads to the end of the pineapple that was also cooked in the “top”. If you want to know more about the infographic of the taco al pastor, I recommend the Netflix documentary “history of tacos”or “about tacos”. You will see that the real taco has a corn tortilla.

I think we need something  to not have a dry mouth, right? Well then, of course, you cannot miss one of the most Mexican drinks and also known throughout the world as a symbol of authentic Mexico: “tequila”. A few weeks ago the international day of Tequila was celebrated, and we made some very interesting videos with the support of Martha Murguia, founder of the @bleuagave project in France, and an article on the blog. You can take a look at them if you feel like it.

I hope you liked this little gastronomic tour of the national month and that it makes you want to continue discovering the culture and traditions of Mexico.