The most colorful and cultural festivity of Mexico is coming soon, of course I am talking about El dia de MuertosDay of the Dead. A celebration that was declared in 2008, intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UnescoThis is a very important celebration for the Mexicans, not only for the make-up and the "Catrinas" clothes, but also because it is a celebration full of tradition and above all of faith to receive our dearest ones who are no longer of this physical world.

This festivity comes straight from ancient civilizations, they have always seen death as a simple passage where life does not stop, it continues. Always with colors and music, each city and region of Mexico has its way of celebrating the dead.

For example, in the city of Janitzio, in the state of Michoacan: According to its inhabitants, on the night of November 1 in Pátzcuaro, the shadows of Mintzita, daughter of King Tizintzicha, Itzihuapa, son of Taré and crown prince of Janitzio, as well as the guardians of the treasure hidden under the waters between the islands of Janitzio emerge and La Pacanda; pass through the pantheon to receive offerings from the living. Women and children go quietly to the cemetery to place offerings on the graves and light candles that will illuminate the pantheon during the vigil, while songs of Purépecha are heard. On November 1, deceased children are worshipped and on November 2, adults.

It is on this occasion that the association México in Paris organized the weekend of November 2 & 3, "Un dia de muertos in Paris" so that you discover this festival full of tradition and colors very important for the Mexicans.

Traditional Mexican food, music, Catrinas parades, bread of the dead (If you don't know this orange blossom bun elaborated at this time, this is a good opportunity to discover it and you will love it! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

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