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Tenango embroidered handbag


Made of cotton with bamboo handles
On the front side, a "Tenango" style embroidery is made by hand.

Width: 36 cm
Length: 30 cm

This bag can hold a 13" laptop

unique piece

It is a textile work of art (cotton, manta) embroidered and colored, typical of the Tepehua-Otomi culture that lives in the region of Tenango de Doria, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico
The process of making a Tenango is quite arduous and very tiring: it takes a lot of creativity, precision and patience to draw and embroider. The artists of the collective tell us that they cannot embroider when they are angry or in a hurry, because the quality of the pieces is not good. The daily work time is therefore three hours and can go from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the size of the piece.


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