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Huipil GUERRERO white


Huipil woven by the Amuzga community from the city of Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, Mexico
Plant-based dyes
100% Cotton
Short sleeves

Chest size: 108 cm
Waist size: 108 cm
Length: 65 cm

The huipil is usually made of several threads of fabric sewn together, usually two, or more rarely three. The neckline may be round, oval, square or simply slit. The individual pieces may be joined by stitching, ribbons or strips of fabric.

The length of the garment is variable, the huipil can be a short tunic, or it can be long enough to reach the ground; the classic length being a little above or below the knee.

Woven Huipil GUERRERO white M/L Woven Huipil in Guerrero, Mexico


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1 en stock

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