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Muñeca Quitapenas MAYA


Muñeca Quitapenas MAYA

Also known as hassle dolls or "grief eaters" are dolls made of cloth and wood mainly by the women of the Mayan community in the High Mountain areas of Guatemala and Yucatan in Mexico, where the Mayan community still lives.

According to Mayan legendWhen a person has worries that prevent them from sleeping, they have to tell the doll about one of their worries in the evening before going to bed and then put it under their pillow. When they wake up, their worries will be gone!

Each doll is unique and handcrafted in Yucatán, Mexico.

Each muñeca measures:

Length: 5.5 cm

Width: 1.5 cm

With a wire so that it can be hung on the door or other surface.

Obtained thanks to our collaborator Nikan México.


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