Small art Huichol frame

Carré art Huichol


Huichol art frame
Assembled and glued by the Huichol community in Jalisco, Mexico.
Long: 8 cm
Large: 8 cm
The design is glued to a light wooden surface.
Each small seed bead is glued until you find the desired design. In this square, we find the star of Venus assembled.
The planet Venus, is the first star seen at dawn, venerated by the Huichols as the giver of the day and the goods of life; it is also connected with another element of the cosmonnia Huichol; corn.
She is a guide, so as not to lose the right direction in life.
The vibrant colors of this square can brighten up a room, can be put in a stand alone or in company glued with other squares, it's up to you and your imagination! It can be stuck in a wall with fixing paste.
According to the Huichol, the vibrant colors that accompany each of their pieces, contains a message from our spirit guides.

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