RAIZS Artisanat Solidaire® is supported by the Nikan ® MEXICO project in the promotion of a sustainable Mexican art

Nikan is a word of Origin Nahuatl meaning “here”, referring to the presence of Mexico in particular, in the brand means that ” Mexico is here “.

It is a project dedicated to culture and to educate the world with Mexican creative elements handmade. We seek to encourage the socio-economic development of our artisans, creating productive projects that help their economy and social protection according to fair trade standards and to publicize their work.

As for example Marcelina from the state of Querétaro who develops mini-pinatas. A few years ago she came with her husband and her children to work in the town of Acuña Coahuila, looking for better opportunities dedicated to the sale of various crafts. Her spouse died recently and she is now the main livelihood of their five children.

We also have the experience of Don Erasmo of Jalisco who produces hats of charro, Mrs. Esmeralda de Saltillo, Coahuila who produces the colorful “sarape” elaborated in loom and Leticia of Oaxaca, Mexico, which produces beautiful “Alebrijes”.


Thank you so much for promotinga sustainable Mexican art.

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