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  1. I bought a lovely hand-embroidered Otomi cushion that is very soft with exquisite shimmering colors... that has nothing to envy to the industrial copies that Hermes and Mango made of the delicate animal and flower motifs of the artisans of Tenango de Doria, who made it ...and which allowed me as for it to help the Mexican children 😉 TOP!!!

  2. I've been a customer of My Raizs for 5 years, and I've never been disappointed.
    Tanya is very kind and has good advice.
    Through each of these articles, selected with great taste, she takes us on a journey to the four corners of her beautiful native country: Mexico!
    And I find it so reassuring to know that the purchase of each of these items directly benefits the small Mexican artisans, so talented, and the local associations.

  3. I am so happy to finally have something really Mexican in Europe and very proud of having a piece of Mexican art handmade by a real Mexican artisan. I love all the pieces and I am very proud that a representative of one of the most wonderful craftsmanship in the world is selling them in France. Thank you for preserving the ancestral Mexican art and sharing with the world.

  4. Very fine embroidery, cheerful colors for very nice clothes. Congratulations to the Mexican seamstresses!

  5. The quality of my zarape is top, the colors are beautiful and contribute to brighten my living room, the fabric is top and shows the knowledge of the Mexican craftsmen! A good way to travel to Mexico for less. The products are unique and of impeccable quality and Tanya is always there to advise you and guide you towards the right product.
    A great discovery.
    Thank you Raizs

  6. What a magnificent site and what beautiful discoveries ❤️ a way to travel and discover these extraordinary cultures and crafts, bravo and thank you.

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