The collective Mazatzin Textiles collaborates with RAIZS Artisanat Solidaire

Composed of 33 people of all ages, the textile group Mazatzin Textiles, is located in the municipality of Cuetzalan del Progreso, in the north of the Mexican state of Puebla. ” Quetzallan” which means in Nahuatl, “City of Quetzales” is one of the most important regions of the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

Mazatzin ” in turn, comes from the Nahuatl MAZAT = deer and TZIQUITZIN = Chiquito, so “Mazatzin” means “Venadito“. The aim of this group is to perpetuate the knowledge and traditions of textile art, in addition to the search for economic autonomy for the inhabitants of the region. These practices are carried out constantly crafts harmony with the environment.

For example, cotton production, which mainly use to develop parts on the loom, it is necessary to carefully cut the cocoons, separate the cotton seeds, clean cotton forming a kind of beds, then with a stick on Blend the cotton until they reach the Macizar, then the first spun cotton is a bit rough, a second thread to thin the cord and yarn wire and the third will be thinner and fine/ these last three processes are the most tiring.

And one last process is the thread starched to weave without breaking. With a half-sewn, sun-dried corn paste. the processes can vary depending on the region, the culture, the tradition and the place of residence of the artisan.

We thank you for working with us, you will find their work of online shop.

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