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The Mazatzin Textiles group, which consists of 33 people of all ages, is located in the municipality of Cuetzalan del Progreso, in the northern Mexican state of Puebla. " Quetzallan" which in Nahuatl means "City of Quetzals". is one of the most important regions of the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

Mazatzin "in turn, comes from Nahuatl MAZAT = deer and TZIQUITZIN = Chiquito, so 'Mazatzin' means 'Venadito. The aim of this group is to to perpetuate the knowledge and traditions of textile art, in addition to the search for economic autonomy for the inhabitants of the region. These practices are carried out in permanent harmony with the environment.

For example, the production of cotton, which use mainly to elaborate pieces on the loom, it is necessary to carefully cut the cocoons, separate the cotton seeds, the clean cotton forming a kind of beds, then with a stick we mix the cotton until they reach the macizar, then the first spun cotton is a little rough, a second thread to fluidify the thread and cord yarn and the third will be thinner and finer. These last 3 processes are the most tiring.

And a final process is the starchy yarn to be woven without breaking. With a half-sewn, sun-dried corn dough. Processes may vary depending on the region, culture, tradition and location of the craftsman.

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