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“L’oeil de Dieu Huichol” et sa signification

The Eye of God Huichol is a sacred replica of the way the cosmos is composed. This amulet and symbol of the Wixarrika (Huichol) culture. Tzicuri, as it is known in the Wixarrika language, is a fundamental part of Huichol spirituality.

It has several meanings: one of them is that when a Huichol boy is born and turns one year old, known as “Wirraca or singing bird” he takes an offering to the temple or “Kalihuey”, an eye of God that contains a single rhombus; when the boy turns two years old, he wears a god’s eye with two diamonds; and so year after year until completing five years of age; because they suppose that from this age the child will be able to take alone the offerings to his gods. It is then when father and son go to the sea and cast the eye of God, thus they give thanks because he was able to reach that age, without being attacked by any of the poisonous animals such as scorpions.

The eye of God is the best known religious instrument of the Huichols and represents its five cardinal points. These are: the center, starting point of everything, north, south, east and west. The eyes of God are Huichol symbols with a certain resemblance to mandalas, which is why they are often also known by the name of Huichol mandala.


The eye of God is a very colorful element, where each color has a meaning:

Black is life, in reference to the goddess “Tatei Aramara” (Pacific Ocean)

Blue is the color of rain and water symbolizing “Rapawiyene”.

White, although it is associated with clouds and air, for which the Huichols place cotton pieces in the jicars to ask for the rain, also means death.

Red means the life of God in the east, the area of “Parierekua“, residence of the God of Peyote, the sacred plant of the Huicholes.

Purple is the life of man.

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