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Perhaps you are familiar with this small and delicate bird, which is both so strong and so fast that, according to Mayan legend, it can be used as a bird of prey, if we are lucky enough to see him and if he approaches us, it is because he has a message to give us. But then, what is this " hummingbird "?

According to the MAYA legend, the Maya took a jade stone (a beautiful green mineral) and carved an arrow on it to symbolize the path to be followed. After a few days, when everything was ready, the gods blew so hard on the stone that the arrow gradually detached itself and flew away in the air in the form of a multicolored hummingbird.

They created the hummingbirdIt is a fragile and light object, so that it can fly through nature and around people, completely unnoticed, to catch their thoughts and desires and carry them away.

This beautiful bird, small and stealthy, has the job of transmitting to us the thoughts and intentions of people in the beyond. So if you see a hummingbird approaching your head, leave it alone, it is there to convey a message to you and to take your desires directly to their destination.

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