Who are we

Who are we?

The social and solidarity enterprise RAIZS Artisanat Solidaire® was born out of the need to promote the work of artists from indigenous Mexican communities.

In this race for globalization where industrialization and mass production are king, certain communities are trying to survive, often on the fringes of the system, with simple issues such as access to drinking water, food, housing and education.

With more than 50 indigenous peoples with unique languages and traditions, Mexico is in itself a cultural melting pot of voices, identities and precious customs for the country, the region and all of humanity. In 2010, the 6.5% of Mexicans spoke an indigenous language, that is 6 million people.

In the solidarity store RAIZS Artisanat Solidaire® we present a wide variety of products such as jewelry, bags, clothing, decorative pieces, among others unique and of exceptional quality, developed according to the greatest respect for traditions and customs communities. The profits from each sale are thus paid directly to the communities in order to contribute to the economic emancipation of the men and women who support their families and thus improve their living conditions.

Our goal is simple:

Limit intermediaries and ensure fair compensation for community artisans (fair trade) so that they can essentially develop their long-term activity and improve their standard of living, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the population.

You will also discover our projects and articles allowing to better understand the current situation of these indigenous communities who fight daily for their survival!

Our values:

Support development

RAIZS offers products made by hand by indigenous Mexican communities according to ancestral traditions.

The objective of RAIZS is to give you access to this art and directly support the indigenous communities by eliminating the intermediaries and respecting the craftsmen.

We refuse the principle of bargaining to the detriment of artisans in order to sell products at low cost because this practice inevitably leads to the craftsman being reduced to making serial products to support himself and his family, which is contrary to the very nature of his work and his ancestral culture.

We prefer to offer you unique products, based on the ancestral Mexican culture and made according to the inspiration and state of mind of each creator.

Dear supporters of development and crafts, your purchases have an impact so be aware that buying Mexican crafts at bargain prices
necessarily indicates a reduction in costs which often impact the artisan at the end of the chain so be careful!


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