Who are we?

Who are we?

Hi i’m Tanya. Originally from Veracruz state in southern Mexico, I grew up in a multicultural environment. One day, I decided to follow my love for the discovery of new cultures and here I am living in France for several years now.
In 2016, I started and decided to create the RAIZS Artisanat Solidaire project in order to share the vast cultural diversity of Mexico and to tell the story of this culture as well as hundreds of artists from indigenous communities, because it is thanks to them that we can take advantage of this diversity.
This project is a tribute to my grandmother, from the Zapotec community, who transmitted this love to me, for my roots, my origins, my RAIZS. Also, this project is an invitation to travel to discover all the colors of my culture, my people, and its beautiful landscapes.

The word RAIZ comes from the Latin word “radix” which signifies the idiosyncratic origin of an individual or a community. It means roots. I decided to add the S or word RAIZS to evoke that as citizens of the world we sometimes have several roots which remind us of where we come from.

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