Mexican communities

Mexico is a mosaic of cultures, in which each culture brings color and history to the roots of all Mexicans. It is to tell this story that this project was born and aims to share its main characteristics. Join us to discover the communities that are collaborating on this project.

In recent years, indigenous communities in Mexico and other countries have been victims, in addition to social inequalities linked to their development; plagiarism or inspirations, better known as cultural appropriation.

Their embroidery, designs which are the result of their cosmogony, their traditions are often "taken" and passed as "clean" by brands of the large textile distribution, more than their elaboration does not meet the "artisanal" or "dimension" hand embroidered ”, and the poster prices are often cheaper than a piece that took a long time to make.

This situation of non respect for cultures and traditions of Mexican communities, widens the social inequalities of communities because, foreign or national tourists now buy these embroidered pieces in stores and not from artisans because they are "More expensive". So it is my duty as a Mexican citizen, bathed in Mexican culturalism to share with you the art of Mexican communities and tell you the story of the artist and who created this or that piece, and the story of his home community. Because behind each piece there is a face and a story to tell.